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Wto Agreement List

However, the dispute resolution system cannot be used to resolve trade disputes arising from political differences. When Qatar called for the creation of a body on the measures imposed by the United Arab Emirates, other GCC countries and the United States immediately rejected their request as a political issue and declared that national security issues were political and unsuitable for the WTO system. [87] Link to the WTO INFORMATION INFORMATION ACCORD website for an updated list of signatories. The five lists mentioned above are the additional functions of the World Trade Organization. As globalization progresses in today`s society, the need for an international organization to manage business systems has been essential. With the increase in the volume of trade, issues such as protectionism, trade barriers, subsidies, intellectual property infringement due to differences in the trade rules of each nation appear. The World Trade Organization mediates between nations when such problems arise. The WTO could be seen as the product of globalization and also as one of the most important organizations in today`s globalized society. A country wishing to join the WTO submits a request to the General Council and must describe all aspects of its trade and economic policy that affect WTO agreements. [95] The application is submitted to the WTO as part of a memorandum reviewed by a working group open to all interested WTO members.

[96] Most WTO agreements are the result of the 1986-1994 Uruguay Round negotiations, which were signed at the ministerial meeting in Marrakech in April 1994. There are about 60 agreements and decisions with a total length of 550 pages. The General Agreement on Trade in Services was created to extend the multilateral trading system to the services sector, just as the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) provided for such a system for trade in goods. The agreement came into force in January 1995. The wide range of computer products for which tariffs have been removed under this agreement is contained in Schedules A and B of the Annex of the Agreement. Recognizing the rapid advances in computer technology, the agreement calls for an annual product review to extend coverage to new products. The WTO ITA Committee has also begun work on non-tariff measures for the sector. The WTOs agreements are often regarded as the final act of the Uruguay Round of 1986-1994, although the final act is, strictly speaking, the first of the agreements. You can download these texts as WordPerfect or PDF files.