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Wedding Agreement With You Wattpad

Yes, I just crossed it, I spent the beautiful and beautiful wedding party, I enjoyed every beautiful second of my life and I am the center of the attention of all the guests. The party was full of happiness at first sight, but that`s not how I felt. I still know very well how the atmosphere there was. I saw the admiration of every face that saw me next to its perfect figure, walking together on the red carpet to the big stage, dominated by white with the red roses that were properly arranged there, with the sound of the piano rattling that accompanied our movement. “Mrs. Laura I…” I was confused, I didn`t know what to say. This woman looks horrible when she is angry. Unlike the first time I met him, he looked so polite and very nice at the time. “Get in.” I heard Raka`s voice. Without a second thought, I slowly opened the door and watched for a moment what Raka was doing through an open void.

What`s with the outfit? Beautiful and so fit in my body, but I don`t like it because it`s too open and a little impregnated. Did she accidentally choose a nightgown like this? Isn`t he rich? But why would he give you clothes that don`t have this material?! “Why didn`t you tell me he didn`t make the day yesterday?” I then sprayed the perfume to taste certain parts of my body, intending to make them happy and happy for our first night. Ah, but not really. Twice, Raka almost raped me. Now that we`re married, whether he wants to touch me or not, I don`t want to take care of him anymore. Although hatred deepens, it is undeniable that love is always in the heart. How can I not do that? For many years, I loved Raka, I stayed afloat, even though he often ignored me and sometimes hurt me, and now… After our wedding, even Raka himself made an offer. I`m not going to waste this opportunity, I`m going to fix everything and try to make Raka happy and love me again. I try to wake up my body on which I have not lied. No no.

I realize that I`m not going to lie down, but… What`s the matter? I was suffocated and froze immediately when I realized something. My position sits on half of Raka`s body and one hand is around my waist. “Why are you here?” I almost called and woke up spontaneously from the bar when I found Raka shocked in this room. I don`t know when I accidentally opened my eyes. Raka is already in front of her big closet, which has been opened. People say he is like an angel sent by the Lord especially to me to be the source of my happiness. It`s natural that they see me in fear and think I`m the happiest woman in the world. How can I not do that? In addition to his perfect figure, he is also a wealthy man, from a well-respected family. He is the sole heir to a well-known company in the hotel and restaurant and real estate sector, not only in Indonesia, but also in the international markets of several Asian countries.

“How are you?” His accent is really like a stranger. He hasn`t been in school for five years? “Do you want to hold me?” I was stunned to hear that question. Didn`t I hear the bad news? Where is Raka`s attitude that he doesn`t care, where did he ever offer to kiss me? I felt like I was jumping because I was so excited, I just wanted to nod and say yes.