Tla`amin Final Agreement

(7) The Tla`amin Nation and local governments may enter into and maintain agreements defining the principles, procedures and guidelines governing the management of their relations. Among the issues that can be addressed by such agreements are: 6. The Tla`amin Nation agrees that any service agreement between the Sliammon Indian Band and a local government in force the day before the effective date remains in effect until it is renegotiated or terminated under the terms of the agreement. (3) A copy of the tax treatment agreement or agreement published by the Queen`s Printer is proof of that agreement and its contents, and a copy that is purported to be published by the Queen`s Printer shall be deemed to be published, unless it is demonstrated otherwise. 2003: In 2003, the community also voted an agreement in principle which was adopted by 63% yes, 37% no. After more than 20 years of contractual negotiations with the provincial and federal governments, all parties have agreed on the essential elements of the final Tla`amin agreement, signed in the spring of 2014. 8. In the absence of an agreement under paragraph 7.b the Tla`amin Nation and Local Government shall discuss land use planning on land that touches a common boundary between them. Agreement on tax treatment: the tax treatment agreement referred to in Chapter 21(22) of the Agreement, including any amendments thereto. (Tax Treatment Agreement) 3 The Agreement is a land claim treaty and agreement within the meaning of Sections 25 and 35 of the Constitution Act 1982. 2001: 2001, an agreement in principle was organised by the Community. It was a split vote – 51% voted “no”, 49% voted “yes”. Therefore, Her Majesty, with and with the Council and the approval of the Senate and House of Commons of Canada, adopts: 4 (1) The Agreement is approved, brought into force and validated and has the force of law. 7 On the day of entry into force of the Agreement, the Nation of Tla`amin possesses the goods at simple costs, as set out in Chapter 3 of the Agreement, in the Tla`amin countries, with the exception of the lands described in Annex C-3 Part 1 to the Agreement, and in the other Tla`amin countries.

6 All amounts necessary to meet Her Majesty`s financial obligations under the law of Canada under Chapters 18 and 19 of the Agreement shall be paid out of the Consolidated Revenue Fund. 5 (1) The Treaty prevails over this Act and all other federal statutes to the extent that they are contradictory. 17 (1) The laws of Tla`amin shall be taken into consideration by the courts. In 1994, the Sliammon Indian Band filed a Memorandum of Understanding to begin negotiations with the Canadian government and the Province of British Columbia to enter into a contract.