Term Agreement Meaning In Hindi

Anvita (resemblance in number, gender or word in grammar) (subnose): There is no correspondence between the subject and the verb in the sentence “She goes there every day”. Approval (name): The Indo Pak talks could not reach an agreement. Rajinama (name): Please sign the agreement. Agreement: The provision in states, parties, etc., that we no longer fight in such areas and in such areas and that we will live or act kindly: the article by which the plaintiff and the defendant reconcile and withdraw the accusation from the court settlement: Comparison – Substantiv Pulling [Persian] 1. Management. Intijam. (2) The act of measuring the area under cultivation and fixing the State tax. Composite word – subdivision istmarari = evaluation of soils where there is no lack, no dispersion. Malgujari should be appointed in such a way that it does not increase. 3.

A department or department who has the mission to measure fields, etc., and set its taxes. 4. To repair a plant and give a field to sow to someone. Jugaad: (Bagheli idiom) The process of making arrangements by combining, the diagnosis of measures, rational initiative. (Bagheli word) Agreement: Compromise – Do the same thing [Hindi explains] of the other, where both sides have to make sacrifices or sacrifices. Resignation. That`s how you do an action. – To do. – To be. Management: good and efficient implementation of various functions and events of households, construction schools or institutions in the economic, political and social fields. .

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