Teays Valley Master Agreement

She was dismissed without notice at a meeting of the Board of Directors on 17 March 2008. OConnor, in a decision that overturned the judgments of the Pickaway County Joint Court and the 4th District Court of Appeals, said it was undisputed here that the board of directors had never informed Carna of her rights, a violation of state law. An investigation by the Ohio Department of Education resulted in a five-day administrative hearing, which included 19 witnesses, video clips with surveillance cameras, diagrams, photos and other evidence. In the end, Elizabeth L. Schuster, in charge of the hearing, found no evidence of these allegations. Fred Gittes, Carna`s lawyer, said the Supreme Court`s decision made it clear that the lower courts had somehow lost their way. This is a reasonable approach to ensure that school administrators discuss with school authorities before taking drastic steps to terminate their contracts. She is entitled to it, but I do not know if it is what she wants or if it is in her best interest or in the best interest of all parties involved. However, she was put on paid administrative leave in May 2007 after she was accused of manipulating students` questionnaires during the Ohio Achievement Test.

As a result of the controversy, students in grades three, four and five had to retake the tests at school.