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Sales Purchase Agreement Gold

4.2 The seller acknowledges that the buyer was presented to Mr XXX`s seller (the intermediary). The seller agrees to pay any intermediation fees that have been added to the seller`s price and were due to the intermediary at the same time as the payment is paid to the seller, in accordance with a specified intermediate service agreement between the seller and the intermediary (since this intermediation service agreement is in effect and effective) under the terms of this agreement. original certificate for each refinery or bank bar with the serial number, weight and finesse of the gold; Precious parking entry shipment signed by Security Transport Company signed by the buyer to verify the delivery of the gold. refers to a buyer-designated company that inserts gold into bullion at a weight determined by the buyer; 17.7 This agreement can be executed in a number of mink, each of which, when executed and delivered, must be an original, and all the counterparties combined form the same instrument. Bullion`s specifications are often regulated by market bodies or by legislation. In the European Union, the minimum purity for gold lines treated fiscally as investment gold is 99.5% for gold lines. CONSIDERANT that the seller Bullion Gold (Au) Bar (hereafter referred to as “golden lion”) wishes to sell and deliver to the buyer who wishes to purchase and receive them, subject to the terms of this Agreement. 17.1 This agreement, and the documents mentioned in it, constitutes the whole agreement and agreement between the contracting parties and replaces any oral or written prior agreement between them (which has been denounced by mutual agreement) regarding the purpose of this agreement. The selling and purchase price of each delivery of gold lings is the spot price or AM London Fixing or PM London fixing by Troy Ounce pure gold purity of 99.5% on the day the price is set (after receiving a non-refundable deposit/deposit of 5%), plus a 3 per cent premium (3%) for lower quantities and 100 kg or a 2% premium (2%) for quantities of 100 kg or more, multiplied by the net weight of these gold lezons. The delivery day is made in a business day after receiving 100% of the value.

we mean an amount with respect to the purity of the gold lenes, which corresponds to the difference between the pure gold purity of 999.9% purity and the purity determined by the test result when the declared purity (purity) determined by the test result is less than 999.9%. As a striking example, if a particular batch is detected by the result of the test of a purity of 92.50%, then the purity adjustment – 7.50% (99.99% pure gold purity – 92.50% Result Purity result – 7.49%); refers to an official mark or seal that is only used by a registered refinery accepted by the banks after the article has been reviewed to determine that its purity not only corresponds to the standards established by law, but also to the manufacturer`s gold requirements. Any inaccuracy would mean the loss of the refining licence. refers to any refinery designated by the buyer and licensed by the government authorities of the importing country (control and/or examination and/or refining and processing of gold lingos into 999.9% purity refined gold) and imports either a member of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) or a registered and recognized subsidiary of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) on the country of import list or a “Good Delivery” (DG) on the importing country`s list; (b) a violation of a contract or other agreement to which he is a party or to which he is bound, or which he defaults; Means “Good London Delivery” and this term refers to a defined standard of gold bacon that regulates bar size, weight, acceptable hallmarks (refinery stamp), serial numbers, year of manufacture and of course finesse (degree of purity).