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Icaew Training Agreement Extension

You cannot apply for ICAEW membership until you have completed your ACA training contract. ICAEW encourages students to stay with their employer for the duration of their training contract, if this is not possible, you must re-enroll in another training contract to complete the remaining time. Please note that you must register for at least three months and collect at least 65 days of practical training. The training agreement is a formally signed document between your organization and each of your students. It refers exclusively to the ACA. You must agree on an approved training that allows your students to complete the required 450 days of work experience: there are four essential elements of the ACA qualification that must be successfully completed to be eligible for ICAEW membership. The 15 exams, professional experience (PWE), professional development directors (PD) and ethics and professional skepticism (ELP). In addition, students must take out a training contract of at least three years and undergo periodic assessment/advancement examinations with your employer during this period. If you have completed these items in your training file and your employer has completed the final receipt, you will be invited to join the ICAEW after your training file has been processed. It is important that you read and understand the training agreement before signing it, as it is a formal agreement.

If you are based outside the UK, please take ACA training in other countries for more information. It is specific to your ACA training and it is not the same as an employment contract. The agreement describes the support you will receive from your employer and what is expected of you in exchange for your training. Your training contract determines the circumstances in which it can be terminated and it is recommended that these clauses be reviewed. The most frequent reason for the termination of the training contract and, consequently, for a possible termination of the employment relationship is the failure of the examination. The information relating to an ACA training agreement must be correct at all times. If you have a student whose circumstances change (for example. B change of name, modification of the duration of a training contract or situations of dismissal, suspension, cancellation) or change of location, you must update the agreement and inform us accordingly…