#1 LED lighting financing company since 2008. Our LED finance and leasing programs are making it easier than ever for companies to invest in LED lighting retrofits and take control of their energy future. Our “Green Facility Finance” program allows business owners to retrofit their buildings and facilities with ultra energy efficient lighting options with little to no money out-of-pocket. With lighting accounting for up to 80% of a facility’s energy consumption, the switch to LED lighting can result in energy savings of 60-90%. Maintenance costs within a facility are also drastically reduced by implementing LED lighting. The best part is, the financing can be structured to put extra cash in your pocket each month!



Nearly all LED lighting projects/retrofits can be structured to be cash flow positive, meaning that your monthly lease/loan payment is less than your energy savings! Our LED financing options allow you to go green with little money out-of-pocket.

Example… your facility’s LED lighting retrofit will save an average of $905/month in energy costs/maintenance and the project totals $35k. Monthly lease payments would run $701.00 on a 60-month term. In this situation, the “Green Facility Lease” generates $204/month in positive cash-flow during the term of the lease/loan, and after, would allow energy savings to go straight to bottom line profits for the next 3-10 years (depending on light use).

Commercial LED Lighting

We can offer cash flow positive LED financing options for nearly any commercial building project. We’ve financed thousands of projects for hospitals, gas stations, car dealerships, supermarkets/convenience stores, hydroponic growers, warehouses and more. WB FINANCIAL can finance industrial high bay LED lighting, LED tube lights, commercial shop lights, outdoor lighting, as well as grow lights. You can also include lighting controls and new HVAC equipment to make the most of your energy upgrade.

LED Lighting for Municipalities

We also offer industry leading LED leasing and financing options for municipalities, cities, and non-profits. We’ve financed street lighting for cities/counties and have helped municipalities retrofit libraries, sports complexes, fire stations and jails. Since these types of entities operate their lights continually (sometimes 24/7), these projects generate tremendous cash flow and offer quick ROI.

Tax & Energy Savings

An LED lighting retrofit/upgrade project in your commercial building/facility can mean big utility savings AND tax savings at the year end. In addition to local rebates from utility companies, Section 179D (EPAct), allows owners of commercial buildings to enjoy accelerated tax deductions on the cost of their LED lighting retrofit. The deduction for LED lighting averages  $0.60 per square foot.

100% Funding for LED Lighting

100% funding for LED lighting projects means that you don’t have to worry about paying out-of-pocket for additional costs like installation, freight, and audits. All aspects of the LED lighting retrofit can be including in the financing. This allows for a turn key financing package where one low monthly payment covers everything.

LED Lighting Grants

LED lighting grants for non-profits and schools can be applied towards the total project cost to reduce the project finance amount. That means that non-profits and municipalities don’t need to find additional room in the budget for the LED lighting, which is often a lengthy process. We can finance the LED retrofit, minus any applicable grants/incentives.

LED Grow Light Financing

As energy costs continue to rise, LED grow light financing has become a big part of our portfolio. We have LED financing programs in place to accommodate the needs of hydroponic farmers and indoor growers. Since many facilities operate their lights 24/7, converting to LED is the obviously choice to reduce electricity costs in increase the bottom line. We make the conversion easy with no money down and low monthly payments which are less than energy savings.


LED Lighting Financing CompanyHeadquarted in Southern California, Serving Businesses Nationwide & in Canada.

LED Lighting Retrofit Financing

LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, are nothing new. In 1962, while working for General Electric, Nick Holonyak Jr developed the world’s first visible LED light. However, until recently, LED lighting has been too expensive for wide spread commercial and industrial applications. In recent years, the competition within the LED lighting industry has led to decreased price per lumen, better color rendering, increased efficiency, and better heat dissipation. In the never ending quest to decrease energy consumption, local utility companies and municipalities are providing generous rebates and grants to commercial property owners and businesses that convert their facility lighting to LED. With LED lighting retrofits generating electrical savings of 70-80%, the upfront cost of these LED projects are often the only thing holding business owners back from implementing LED lighting.

In the past few years, an increasing number of banks, leasing companies and other commercial lenders have developed LED lighting financing programs which eliminate the need for businesses to come up with a large chunk of cash upfront. When properly structured, these LED lighting financing and leasing programs generate positive cash-flow from day one. The tremendous savings generated by the efficient LED lighting are more than enough to cover monthly lease/loan payments. Simply put, the savings pay for the project, and the savings overage goes back in the company’s pocket. In addition, utility rebates and grants can either be assigned to the LED lighting manufacturer/seller or flow back to the end-user, further reducing the investment. With some LED lighting lasting some 100,000+ hours, the lighting continues to generate savings that add to the company’s bottom line for years after the lease/loan is paid.

WB Financial is one of the industry’s leading LED financing companies, proving LED retrofit financing and LED leasing programs in both the United States and Canada. By working with reputable LED lighting manufacturers, vendors and contractors, WB Financial is able to provide comprehensive retrofit project financing options that allow businesses and commercial property owners to implement LED lighting and start saving from day one! With funding volume in the LED lighting industry approaching $100MM in 2018, WB Financial has funded LED lighting projects across nearly every industry and application.

Industrial LED Lighting Projects

Commercial LED Lighting FinancingThere are tremendous savings available in commercial and industrial buildings, and facilities managers everywhere are turning to LED lighting as a quick and easy way to decrease operating costs. In warehouses, factories and manufacturing facilities that use high intensity discharge (HID) lamps such as metal halide, or high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps, switching over to LED high bay lighting means big savings on both electricity and maintenance. A facility can replace old lighting that can consume as much as 1000W per fixture, with new LED high bays that consume 225W. That’s an immediate savings of almost 75% on electric costs alone. When dealing with lights that can be 50 feet high, the long life of LED fixtures and low heat output means a big decrease in maintenance costs. Commercial and industrial LED lighting finance programs may include up to 3-months of deferred payments, allowing the lights to be installed and savings to be realized before normal monthly payments begin.

Municipal LED Lighting Projects

Municipal LED Lighting FinancingMunicipalities across the country have been adopting LED lighting technology at a record pace. With some city and county street lighting straight from the 1970’s, street lighting and parking lot lighting have been two key areas that municipalities are focusing on when converting to LED lighting. The city of Los Angeles has already converted more than 75% of its more than 200,000 street lights to LED. Electrical savings are only one part of the equation here. Safety is also a key issue that is improved by LED lights. The higher lumen output and wider coverage area mean that streets, parking lots and building exteriors become more well lit and safer after LED implementation. In addition to street and parking lot lights, cities and government agencies are turning to LED lighting solutions for their office spaces and architectural lighting needs. Municipal LED lighting leasing and financing programs can be custom structured to meet budgetary needs, with terms up to 84-months.

LED Lighting for Gas Stations

Gas Station LED Lighting FinancingGas stations are another segment that are quickly adopting LED lighting to reduce operating costs.  Traditional metal halide HID and  HPS fixtures usually account for the highest amounts of electricity use at most gas stations. LED canopy lighting for gas stations provide increased light levels, with operational savings associated with electrical and maintenance costs. Many gas stations also feature a convenience store or mini-mart which run lights 24/7. In this type of operation, an LED lighting retrofit can pay back in a very short amount of time. Not to mention, customers feel safer at a well lit gas pump and items on the shelf look better under LED lights. Gas station owners utilize LED financing options to improve cash-flow and eliminate initial out-of-pocket costs. LED lighting is often an important part of the re-branding process when gas stations transfer ownership and are refurbished.

In addition to the pump area and convenience store, many gas station owners also choose to retrofit their car washes with LED lighting.

LED Lighting for the Hospitality Industry

There are no shortage of applications for LED lighting within the hospitality industry. From hotel guest rooms, to convention space and exterior lights, LED lighting has the power to transform the look and feel of a hotel like nothing else. With many public areas of a hotel/resort running lights 24 hours/day, monthly electrical savings can be substantial. Many hospitality projects that require financing options include guest rooms, gyms, dining areas, front desk, and conference rooms in addition to exterior and parking lot lighting. Architectural lighting and lighting for tennis courts and pool areas are also commonly financed.

Lighting for Churches, Hospitals and Non-Profits

Non-profit organizations are always looking for ways to minimize operating expenses to better put their budgets to use. LED lighting projects for churches and houses of worship have been increasing in popularity as LED lighting technology has become more reliable and more affordable. In addition to fixtures, churches often finance LED theatrical and stage lighting, as well as moving lights used for performances and events.

LED retrofits and upgrades for hospitals and convalescent homes result in some of the fastest ROIs. With most interior lights run 24/7, and plenty of exterior/outdoor and parking lot lights, the return on investment is substantial. Not to mention, the quality of the lighting produced by LEDs helps to brighten the interior and produce an environment conducive to healing.

LED Lighting Manufacturer/Vendor Financing

LED Lighting Vendor/Manufacturer Financing

WB FINANCIAL provides LED financing and leasing options that allow vendors and manufacturers to offer industry leading cash flow positive financing options to their clients. Most equipment lease companies simply don’t understand energy related industries. Partner with WB FINANCIAL and provide comprehensive equipment financing options to your clients today!


Both equipment leasing and equipment financing options are term debt obligations used by businesses to acquire equipment. Equipment leases often contain end-options (most commonly $1, 10%, or FMV/PUT) that can be exercised at the end of the term in order to transfer ownership from the lessor to the lessee. Equipment Finance Agreements (EFA’s) contain no end-option and the equipment is owned by the customer from day 1. Both leases and EFA’s carry tax benefits which can lower tax liability at the end of the year. LED retrofit financing is usually done via a Finance Agreement so all tax benefits and rebates remain in the customer’s name.

YES! In addition to energy efficient lighting, you can add any type of commercial equipment to your lease/loan. We have financed new machinery as part of an LED project, as well as upgraded HVAC systems, solar panels  and new roofing costs.

Equipment leasing & financing rates vary depending on the total financed amount, years in business, term, and credit history of the company and/or it’s owners. Rates can range from 4.9% to low double digit figures depending on credit worthiness. New businesses and businesses with credit issues can expect to pay higher rates. Generally speaking, it makes sense to lease/finance equipment a long as the estimate revenue generated by the equipment, or money saved by acquiring the equipment, is less than the monthly lease/loan payment. When possible, LED leases/loans are structured to generate positive cash flow.

After your LED lease/loan is paid in full and the obligation is satisfied, the savings generated by the energy efficient lighting goes straight to your bottom line. At the end of the lease/loan, there are often 5-10 years of useful life remaining (depending on light usage), and this means BIG annual savings that can be used for other equipment/upgrades to a building.



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