We have been providing B&H financing and equipment leasing options to customers since 2006. As an independent 3rd party equipment financing company, we are able to offer competitive rates and flexible terms for photographers, videographers, and other industry professionals. As one of the largest photo/video equipment vendors in the United States, B&H offers some of the lowest prices around. Extend your equipment budget by utilizing our leasing and financing options with terms up to 5-years.

B&H special financing offers are available to well qualified borrowers on approved credit. Special financing offers include up to 90-days of deferred payments and doc fee only due upfront (rather than 1st and last months in advance). That means you can take possession of your new camera gear with only $175 down!



In order to maximize cash-flow, your lease/loan can be structured with deferred payments for the first 3-months. That means you can put your camera gear to work making money before any regular payments begin. We can also offer a seasonal payment structure where monthly payments are lower during slow times of the year, and higher during the busy times. This is a popular structure for photographers who’s business fluctuates with the seasons.

Camera Financing

Finance camera gear from Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Nikon, RED, Blackmagic and more. We offer leasing and finance programs for both still and digital cinema cameras. Finance your camera bodies and accessories together with one low monthly payment. With your good credit, take delivery with NO PAYMENTS due in advance. Our camera financing programs offer the industry’s most flexible terms.

Camera Lens Financing

We offer finance options for both new and used photo and cinema lenses. Just as important as your camera system are your lenses with you use to capture your images. We have financed everything from Canon L series lenses, to Angenieux zooms costing more than most new cars. Whether you plan on shooting with your lenses, or adding them to your rental inventory, our lens finance options allow you to obtain needed gear with little-to-no money out-of-pocket.

New & Used Equipment

We offer leasing and financing options for B&H Photo’s extensive inventory of both new and USED equipment. By purchasing used or b-stock gear, you are able to make your equipment budget go even further. Score a deal on used equipment and save big on the financing through WB FINANCIAL.


Video Equipment Leasing CompanyHeadquarted in Southern California, Serving Businesses Nationwide & in Canada.

Video Equipment Vendor Financing

WB FINANCIAL provides photo and video equipment financing programs for professional photographers, videographers, production companies, marketing firms, and even YouTube content creators. If you make your living behind the lens, we can finance your gear!


In short, NO! We established the industry’s first leasing and financing programs for freelancers, and have flexible programs in place to fit your needs. It doesn’t matter if you report earnings on a W-2 or 1099… if you are an production industry professional, we can finance the gear you need.

Equipment leasing & financing rates vary depending on the total financed amount, years in business, term, and credit history of the company and/or it’s owners. Rates can range from 4.9% to low double digit figures depending on credit worthiness. New businesses and businesses with credit issues can expect to pay higher rates. Generally speaking, it makes sense to lease/finance equipment a long as the estimate revenue generated by the equipment, or money saved by acquiring the equipment, is less than the monthly lease/loan payment.

YES! Both new and used video production equipment is eligible for leasing and financing. Equipment sellers and vendors may indicate that used equipment doesn’t qualify for financing, but that is because they are trying to sell you on new equipment, which may net them more profits and higher commissions. Terms for leasing and financing used equipment may be limited based on the estimated useful life of the asset in question. B-stock or out-of-box items are common in the video production industry. These could come from tradeshow displays or demo equipment. We can also finance used equipment from private parties as long as the estimated useful life of the gear doesn’t exceed the financing term.

Both equipment leasing and equipment financing options are term debt obligations used by businesses to acquire equipment. Equipment leases often contain end-options (most commonly $1, 10%, or FMV/PUT) that can be exercised at the end of the term in order to transfer ownership from the lessor to the lessee. Equipment Finance Agreements (EFA’s) contain no end-option and the equipment is owned by the customer from day 1. Both leases and EFA’s carry tax benefits which can lower tax liability at the end of the year.

Yes. Feel free to compile an equipment list that includes video production equipment from multiple vendors. Additional documentation fees many apply if there are more than 5 vendors involved, but we can accommodate equipment from multiple vendors so you can get the best pricing on the equipment you need.

B&H Photo offers financing through through the popular BillMeLater platform. The financial service offers short re-payment terms, typically not suitable for large purchases. B&H financing credit score requirements for their credit card are often higher than equipment leasing options since the accounts are unsecured revolving lines-of-credit rather than term loans. B&H Photo also provides referrals to outside equipment leasing and financing companies like WB FINANCIAL, but does not offer in-house private label financing. WB FINANCIAL has been working with B&H Photo and their customers since 2006. Simply put, we offer the industry’s best vendor financing program for creative professionals.

B&H Credit Card- What is Payboo Card?B&H Photo recently introduced their Payboo credit card, which is offered through  Synchrony Bank. The idea is simple… charge your B&H purchase to your Payboo card and receive a statement credit for the sales tax amount. Depending where you are located, that could result in 7-10% savings. The bad part about the B&H photo credit card… the 29.99% purchase APR on the remaining balance!


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