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Act Legislative Assembly Enterprise Agreement

For more information, please contact Liam Develin, Senior Counsel for the Leader of the Opposition ( . This position is offered in accordance with the Legislative Assembly (Members` Officers) Act 1989 and the conditions are set out in the ACT Legislative Assembly Members` Staff Enterprise Agreement 2018-2021. The role includes work outside of regular working hours and on-call time. Please copy this integration script and insert it where you want to insert yourself The role is within the Legislative Assembly, but given the need for a covid safe working environment, flexible agreements are supported where possible. Applications for part-time positions are welcome and are agreed where feasible. . To apply, please send your CV and a cover letter of no more than one page directly to the email address above… Greens-MLAs Johnathan Davis, Jo Clay and Andrew Braddock, as well as ministers Shane Rattenbury, Rebecca Vassarotti and Emma Davidson are each looking for an office administrator for their office in the Assembly. . Level/Grade of Advisor Level 2/Senior Advisor Level 1 The Media Advisor is responsible for advising the MEDIA of the OPPOSITION OPPOSITION and will be located in the Office of the Leader of the Opposition. The roll is valid for the four-year term of the 10th General Assembly and is set at Adviser level 1 (below) at 69,271 to 72,716 $US, according to experience, more superannuation and 9.5% of charges instead of overtime and long service leave.

They work closely with each opposition MLA and their collaborators to manage media issues and promote their work. Please fill out this form, we will try to respond as quickly as possible. . For more information, please contact Indra Esguerra at (02) 6205 8500. A starting salary of between USD 100,388.00 and USD 124,720.00, plus allowances, is paid based on experience. A trial period of three (3) months applies. The successful candidate is recruited under a personnel contract for members of the Legislative Assembly, and other terms of employment are governed by the ACT Legislative Assembly Members` Staff Enterprise Agreement 2018 – 2021. There is no position in the PUBLIC SERVICE ACT.

It would be desirable, but not necessary, to understand the political landscape and functions of the LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY ACT. . . .