Video Equipment Financing-

Film & Media Equipment

As the industry's #1 video equipment leasing and financing company, WB FINANCIAL offers unbeatable finance options for video professionals looking to acquire and upgrade gear. Video gear is constantly evolving and WB FINANCIAL's video equipment leasing options give end-users across the United States the most competitive financing terms available. Industry professionals can qualify for commercial business equipment financing, rather than depend on costly personal loans and equity lines-of-credit.


WB FINANCIAL introduced the industry's first commercial financing programs for videographers and cameramen over 20-years ago. Since that time, we've helped numerous small business owners access capital usually reserved for larger entities. Freelancers no longer have to depend on high-rate personal loans to finance their camera gear; our photography equipment leasing programs keep your business acquisitions off your personal credit report and do not affect your personal borrowing power.

Fast and Flexible

Our video equipment finance programs require no down payments can be structured to meet seasonal changes in cash-flow. Our video equipment leasing programs allow cameramen, churches, media companies, marketing firms, schools, municipalities, production companies, rental houses and more to finance the video equipment they require. Special leasing and financing options also exist for video equipment rental houses to cover inventory and more.

    • Financing for Freelance & Studio Cameramen
    • Church Video Equipment
    • Film Equipment/Cameras
    • LCD Projectors
    • Media Equipment (storage, vaults, ect.)
    • Camcorders
    • Digital Cinema Cameras
    • RED Digital Cameras
    • Broadcast Equipment
    • Arri ALEXA
    • Lens Financing (Cinema/ENG)
    • Finance the latest gear from Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Canon and Blackmagic Design
    • Post Production Equipment & more...


WB FINANCIAL provides video equipment leasing and financing options that allow vendors and manufacturers to move more equipment while offering industry best financing options. Partner with WB FINANCIAL and provide comprehensive equipment financing options to your commercial clients.