Vendors and Manufacturers

Equipment Leasing & Financing

In these toughening economic times, equipment vendors and manufactures MUST be able to offer comprehensive and accessible equipment leasing and equipment financing options to their clients. When a vendor is able to offer equipment leasing options to their end-user, 75% of the time, the customer will not seek a quote from a competing vendor. You become a "one-stop shop," and the customer feels comfortable dealing with a recommended and reputable equipment leasing company.

Your Customers WANT To Finance!

Your customers WANT to finance their equipment; in fact, over 85% of US businesses lease all or part of their capital equipment. Find out what thousands of vendors already know; the secret to selling capital equipment is the ability to offer equipment vendor leasing programs and control the financing process. Remember... if you aren't offering complete equipment vendor leasing options, your competition is!

Why Offer Leasing/Financing Options?

You might be wondering, "I sell equipment, why should I bother with the financing?" We hear it all the time. The answer is quite simple... vendors offering equipment financing options sell more equipment! Remember, even if customers can afford to pay cash for their equipment, equipment leasing provides obvious advantages. These include tax relief, preservation of credit lines, better cash-flow management, and the ability to stay ahead of the technology curve.

Introduce equipment leasing and financing options early on in the sales process to overcome cost concerns right off the bat. Equipment leasing is a powerful sales tool that will allow you to close more deals, in less time. Control the equipment financing process and you control the sale.


Our vendor finance department takes your business seriously and we are able to develop custom vendor finance programs which meet the needs of your end-users. A partnership with WB FINANCIAL means having the ability to offer a full range of equipment financing options, to a wide range of credits. We havevendor finance programs in place to streamline the approval and funding of transactions from $5k up to $50MM.

In addition, our vendor finance department is available to help create custom marketing materials as well as provide valuable Internet marketing advise. As a preferred vendor partner, you'll have access to our complete array of online equipment leasing tools, which will allow you to accurately quote equipment financing options with each and every inquiry! Our vendor finance tools allow you to close more deals, in less time... contact us today to find out more.