Packaging Equipment-

Leasing and Financing

Production and shipping areas at many US companies are bustling hubs where goods are packaged, boxed, and shipped at amazing speeds. Having the most sophisticated shipping and packaging equipment available will allow you to ship more product, in less time, while cutting production costs. With the next generation of commercial equipment being more energy efficient than ever before, now is the time to upgrade your aging machines with little money down.

Increase Cash Flow

By leasing or financing your equipment purchase, you are free up working capital to be used in other areas. Packaging equipment leasing programs allow you to take advantage of immediate tax benefits while conserving capital.

100% Financing

WB FINANCIAL provides total project financing. Our equipment leasing and financing options can accomodate "soft costs" such as design, integration, and training charges.

    • Bagging Equipment
    • Filling Machines
    • Vacuum Packaging
    • Bottling Machines
    • Shrink Wrapping
    • Inserting Machines
    • Strapping/Stretching
    • Food Packaging and more!


WB FINANCIAL is a nationwide leader in providing office leasing and finance options to vendors and manufacturers. Partner with WB FINANCIAL and provide comprehensive equipment financing options to your commerical clients.