Medical Equipment-

Leasing and Financing

Medical equipment leasing is the professional's choice for acquiring equipment with a minimal cash out-of-pocket. Medical groups can often be comprised of several different doctors and companies, so the equipment finance process can delay equipment deliveries. Dealing with an established medical equipment leasing company like WB FINANCIAL allows you to cut to the chase. We know what it takes to finance both new and used pieces of medical equipment. From chiropractic tables to portable MRI imaging centers, we allow medical professionals across the United States to finance the latest medical equipment to keep their practice up-to-date.

Quick and Easy

Application only (no financial disclosure) approvals available up to $125k. Special leasing and financing programs in place for doctors in private practice. 24 hour credit approvals and same day funding!

100% Financing

Medical equipment leasing allows for 100% financing. WB FINANCIAL can finance complete medical office build outs and finance any integration, installation, and design charges that might be included.

Custom Solutions

Customized payment schedules to meet your unique cash flow needs. We can finance all the equipment and furnishing your medical office needs.

    • Diagnostic Medical Equipment
    • Ultrasound Equipment
    • Digital X-Ray Equipment
    • Laboratory Equipment
    • MRI Machines
    • Dental Equipment
    • Chiropractic Equipment
    • CT Scan Machines
    • Mobile Medical Trailers
    • LED Lighting for Medical Offices & Hospitals


WB FINANCIAL is a nationwide leader in providing medical equipment financing options to vendors and manufacturers. Partner with WB FINANCIAL and provide comprehensive medical equipment leasing and financing options to your clients.