Laboratory Equipment-

Leasing and Financing

Medical and research professionals have known the benefits leasing laboratory equipment for quite some time. Lab equipment leasing is an attractive form of finance due in part to the expanded budgeting capabilities these equipment finance programs allow for. Leasing laboratory equipment will help to improve ratios on your company balance sheet and will leave your working capital untouched for emergency uses. Under an operating lease, monthly payments may be able to be expensed in their entirety, as they are made!

Custom Payment Terms

Allow WB FINANCIAL to customize a payment plan tailored to meet your cash flow needs. Seasonal payments are available along with financing options for companies in the research and development phase.

Conserve Cash

Leasing your laboratory equipment means keeping your cash in the bank and available for other uses. Allow your equipment to pay for itself as you use it, all while conserving precious working capital.


Partner with WB FINANCIAL and provide industry leading equipment leasing options to your clients. Same day approvals are available with programs in place for A-D credits. We've handled in-house financing programs for some of the largest analytical and laboratory equipment suppliers in the United States.

    • HPLC Systems
    • TOC Analyzers
    • Autosamplers
    • Mercury Analyzers
    • Floor & Benchtop Centrifuges
    • Water Purification Equipment
    • Cryogenic Equipment