Industrial Equipment-

Leasing and Financing

WB FINANCIAL offers industrial equipment leasing options that cover woodworking equipment, printing presses, milling equipment, die cutting equipment, bottling equipment, filling machines, labeling equipment and more. Industrial equipment leasing is a broad term used to describe the financing of heavy machinery often used in production, manufacturing, aerospace, construction, and alternative energy fields. If the technology in your industry is constantly evolving, an equipment lease will give you the peace-of-mind knowing that you have options to upgrade into the term. Financing a piece of expensive industrial equipment can be a time consuming decision making process, so make sure your first call is always to WB FINANCIAL. Our equipment leasing experts can arrange custom financing options so can spend your time more wisely.

Application Only

Application only (no financial disclosure) approvals available up to $125k for companies in business longer than 5-years. Commercial financing options from $125k-$30MM available with a complete financial package.

New And Used Equipment

WB FINANICAL has industrial equipment leasing programs in place to accommodate used equipment as well as equipment bought at auction. We'll work closely with your equipment broker or auctioneer to get the equipment in your hands quickly!


Partner with WB FINANCIAL and provide industry leading equipment leasing options to your clients. Same day approvals are available with programs in place for A-D credits.

    • CNC Machines
    • Printing Presses
    • Sanders
    • Milling Equipment
    • Lasers
    • Industrial Scales
    • Die Cutting and more!