Lighting Equipment Leasing-

Entertainment Industry

Lighting equipment leasing programs are designed for commercial applications of professional lighting products. These applications can range from stage lighting to moving lights for concert touring and staging companies. WB FINANCIAL is the leading provider of leasing and finance options to the entertainment industry. Our lighting equipment leasing programs allow a broad range of businesses to acquire the latest professional lighting equipment, with affordable monthly payments.

New and Used Equipment

Financing is available for both new and used pieces of equipment from qualified vendors and equipment brokers. Financing is available for lighting kits starting at $5k.

Seasonal Payments

Seasonal equipment leases are a popular choice of financing for the lighting industry. WB FINANCIAL's finance programs can be customized to meet your unique fluctuations in cash-flow (higher payments during your most profitable summer months, lower payments during the winter).

Quick and Easy

When we get a call from a client in the entertainment industry, we know we need to move fast. Many times we get involved in the financing just days before a concert or shoot. Same day approvals and fundings are available, along with application-only approvals up to $150k for established companies.

    • Cinema lighting
    • LED video walls
    • Rigging
    • Profile spots, PARs, Fresnels
    • Lighting consoles and controls
    • Lighting for tradeshow booths
    • Moving lights
    • Finance the latest lighting gear from Martin Professional, Nila, Arri, ETC, Vari-Lite, High-End Systems, Phillips Color Kinetcs, Apollo, Rosco and more!