Construction Equipment Leasing-

Financing Options for Heavy Equipment

Leasing construction equipment for your business is a great decision, especially in this current economy. Cash is king, so don't tie up your valuable cash reserves in costly construction equipment acquisitions. Even with cheaper alternatives coming from overseas, pieces of new and used construction equipment can easily cost a company over $50k, more for heavier equipment. Traditionally, assets like construction equipment have long useful lives. This means financing terms can be extended to 84-months for well qualified lessees purchasing new construction equipment.

New and Used Equipment

Financing is available for both new and used pieces of equipment from qualified vendors and equipment brokers. Private party sales are considered on a case-by-case basis.


Leasing construction equipment is as easy as placing a call to your dedicated WB FINANCIAL account manager. Let us arrange a custom financing package to meet the cash-flow needs of your business. Enjoy application-only approvals up to $150k (no financial disclosure) and up to 90-days of deferred payments. Same day approvals available for most purchases.

Don't Rent When You Can Buy

If you find yourself renting a particular piece of equipment or outsourcing a process, you might consider a lease-to-own program from WB FINANCIAL. Pay for the equipment over time, while enjoying immediate use! Add to your bottom line and enjoy the tax benefits associated with leasing.

    • Gantry Cranes
    • Tower Cranes
    • Jib Cranes
    • All Terrain Cranes
    • Truck Cranes
    • Telescopic Cranes
    • Crawler Cranes
    • Floating Cranes & more...