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Equipment Leasing & Financing Options

Church equipment leasing is an increasingly popular form of church finance available to established churches across the United States. Church equipment leasing programs are the perfect financial vehicle to help your church acquire needed office equipment, furniture, audio/video equipment, sound gear and more. Leases and loans are generally available for existing church entities which have been established for more than 5-years. To begin the equipment leasing process, a short church equipment leasing application should be completed by a senior pastor or other church elder. In addition, a short religious organization questionnaire should be completed to give the church equipment leasing company a better feel for average monthly collections, congregation size, and other term debt obligations the church might have.

Church Experts

WB FINANCIAL's church finance division is dedicated to providing mainstream churches in the United States complete financial options for the acquisition of equipment, furniture, and buildings.

Ethical Standards

As an NAELB certified "Best Practices" lender, WB FINANCIAL adheres to the highest moral and ethical standards and is committed to providing both mega-churches and smaller congregations personal account management. A WB FINANCIAL account manager can walk you through all the steps necessary to get your church equipment leasing request processed and approved.

Equipment and More...

We finance a wide variety of equipment for churches, from HD video cameras to printers and chairs. If you church needs to acquire equipment, furnishings or instruments, WB FINANCIAL can help arrange the necessary financing. In addition to equipment financing, we can also help secure funding for building projects including solar arrays and LED lighting retrofits.

    • Church video equipment
    • Projectors
    • Construction loans
    • Sound/Audio equipment
    • Stage lighting
    • Church pews, seating and furniture
    • Printers, copiers, back office