Camera Equipment-

Equipment Leasing & Financing Options

WB FINANCIAL is the premier source of camera equipment leasing & financing options in the United States! We support creative professionals and their businesses by providing dedicated financial support and custom financing programs. Your local bank doesn't have the expertise nor the resources needed to provide competitive equipment finance options to professional photographers. No matter the size of your operation, no matter your niche, WB FINANCIAL has the ability to finance both new and used camera gear for professionals across the United States.


Don't have an established corporation or LLC? Not to worry... the vast majority of camera equipment leasing requests we see come from freelance photographers, videographers, and other self-employed professionals. If you show Schedule C income (Business Income & Expenses) on your personal taxes, then you qualify for our commercial financing programs. Ask about our special financing programs for freelancing professionals.

Stay Current With Technology

With technology changing rapidly, the ability to acquire new gear quickly and easily is essential for any photographer. WB FINANCIAL offers same day approvals, documentation and funding for those times when you need that gear ASAP! Upgrade gear easily at the end of your lease/loan term!

Cameras, Lenses, Lights...

Our lease-to-own camera equipment finance programs allow you to finance any piece of gear needed in your business. That means camera bodies, lenses, lights and any other accessories you might need including filters, tripods, gels, and even backdrops. We've financed complete darkrooms, photo editing workstations, underwater camera housings and more!

    • DSLR Cameras
    • Canon 5D Mark III
    • Underwater Camera Housings
    • New and used lenses
    • Lighting equipment
    • Tripods, heads, filters
    • Financing for photo studios