RED Camera Financing-

RED EPIC Dragon & Scarlet Leasing

Since the RED ONE camera was announced in 2006, WB FINANCIAL has been leading the way with comprehensive camera leasing & and financing options for the RED ONE, RED EPIC, and RED Scarlet camera along with a full line of lenses and accessories. Our ability to provide accessible RED Camera financing options have allowed numerous clients in the United States to upgrade to the latest in digital cinema equipment. We have the ability to finance new RED camera purchases as well as sensor and model upgrades down the road. With RED starting Dragon sensor upgrades, WB FINANCIAL is pleased to offer special RED Dragon camera financing at the best possible rates! Get the latest 6K capable sensor and throw in a new RED ROCKET-X while you're at it... terms are available up to 60-months.

Financing Made Easy

Although RED Digital Cinema does not offer in-house leasing or financing options, they are more than happy to work with an experienced entertainment equipment leasing company like WB FINANCIAL. When leasing high-tech production gear and video equipment, dealing with the right leasing company makes all the difference in the world.

Entertainment Industry Specialists

WB FINANCIAL is NOT just another equipment leasing company, we are entertainment industry specialists serving all avenues of digital media, filmmaking, cinematography, videography, photography, graphic arts, sound production, lighting and more. The entertainment industry moves quickly, and industry professionals KNOW they need an equipment leasing company that understands their unique needs.

Lenses and More...

With new cinema lenses costing $50k+, our lens financing programs allow professionals to acquire high quality cinema glass with little money down and terms up to 60-months. Application only (no financial disclosure) approvals are available up to $125k for established companies. Financing programs are in place for:

    • Freelance & Studio Cameramen
    • Directors of Photography
    • Equipment Rental Houses
    • Production Companies
    • Independent Contractors / Event Videographers
    • Independent Filmmakers
    • Digital Media Companies
    • Cinematographers & more...

Upgrades Made Easy

When the time comes to upgrade your camera or sensor with RED, allow WB FINANCIAL to finance the cost of the upgrade. Stay ahead of the technology curve with little due out-of-pocket.

    • RED EPIC
    • RED EPIC Monochrome
    • RED Scarlet Camera
    • Finance Dragon Sensor Upgrades
    • Cinema Lenses and more...